GOODRIDE tires are developed and produced by Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber), leading global manufacturer with headquarters in Hangzhou, China, that ranks among the world’s top 10 largest tire manufacturers, with four subsidiaries ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil and ZC Thailand.

Value and Safe is the mission that ZC Rubber insists to meet global customers’ demands in different markets. ZC Rubber devotes to produce variety of valuable tires including GOODRIDE OTR and INDUSTRIAL tires for which Mai Italia have been exclusive distributors across the Italian market for several years.

ZC Rubber invests millions of US dollars every year on establishing various productions and testing facilities from U.S, Germany and Japan such as the first noise test laboratory in China, MTS Flat-Trac III CT tire Test System, X-ray, balancing and uniformity inspection. Furthermore, ZC Rubber focuses on the improvement on the tread design, formulation and performance based on advanced technology and its International Research and Development (R&D) team covering Japanese and Korean experts. More premium products will produced to hit the market by ZC Rubber.

In the workshops, ZC Rubber operates the Smart Production System,which helps ZC Rubber to save cost, save total labour and energy consumption and improve production efficiency. Also ZC Rubber takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously and spends millions on the environmental protection during the production to protect the health of workers and achieve more environmentally friendly products.

GOODRIDE OTR tires are exclusively distributed in Italy by Mai Italia.