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Mai Italia - more than 60 years

For more than 60 years the Group Mai operates with their own companies engaged in the field of industrial and OTR tires.

The Company is located in Isola Rizza, Verona (Italy). 
The wide range of products made by our group includes both tires for earthmoving and industrial applications, which are then joined by a range of complementary services. Tire Management Service offers to every user of industrial and earthmoving machinery a retrieval system, storage, supply, consulting, repair and operation of all tires and rims supplied by the company. 

Maitech Tires are premium, radial, recognizable by brand Maitech.
Mai Group transferred its technology developed through years of experience by Mai Engineering to the leading European and Asian producers. Therefore the tires offer performances at the highest levels while maintaining a good relationship quality / price and are available in models RM 5-1 L5 , RM 3-4.1 L3/E3 and RM 2-2.

Our corporate business is not only inherent in the new tires. 
Mai Group is also active in segment of the reconstructed and repair, field service and distribution. Since April 2011, our group has created a new company, MAI ITALIA S.r.L, which deals exclusively with the Italian market for the distribution, wholesale and retail of radial and conventional tires for industrial use with several exclusive brands.
MAI ITALIA S.r.L is still all over the country with its service department specialized in tires of all dimensions.

Its highly specialized staff is appreciated in various fields for the professionalism and efficiency.

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